Are Cats Afraid Of Cold And How To Keep Warm In Winter?


It is already deep winter, and it is the coldest time of the year. especially in the morning and evening, when the temperature is frighteningly low. We have already put on thick down jackets, what about our cats? They are born with fur, so they will don't feel cold? Are cats afraid of cold or not? Do we need to take special measures to protect them from the cold?

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Are cats afraid of the cold?

Compared with other animals, although cats have a whole body of fur, most cats are afraid of the cold, especially short-haired cats, such as big orange cats, Siamese cats, American short cats, and British short cats are afraid of the cold. Cats like to live in a warm environment, and the most suitable ambient temperature is around 18 to 21°C. Generally, cats will feel cold when the room temperature is lower than 10 degrees Celsius. So in winter, if necessary, you must do an excellent job of keeping short-haired cats warm!

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Cat's behavior of feeling cold

Domestic cats live in warm indoors most of the time, and may not feel cold, but it is not absolute. When the temperature is relatively low, if we are worried that the cat is cold, we can pay attention to their behaviors. If they feel cold, we can take some measures to keep the cat warm in time.

The sleeping position exhibits a curled state

If you see that your cat is curled up into a ball every morning. At this time, you should pay attention to it. It is because the cat already feels cold, so it sleeps like this. It curls up like this to make it warmer when sleeping.

Sleep on the owner's bed

The cat that usually doesn't sleep with you, in winter, quietly crawls into your bed at night and sleeps with you. This is mainly because your quilt is very warm, so sleep comfortably and enjoy the temperature passed by the host. Likewise, cats will sleep next to electric heaters if they are cold. At this time, we need to consider adding some warmth to it.

Involuntary body shaking while sleeping

Just like people, when cats feel cold, their bodies will also shiver unconsciously. Therefore, whenever winter comes, we should get up several times at night to look at the cat. If it is shivering, it means that it is relatively cold. At this time, you should prepare some thick quilts with fur, so that the effect of keeping warm will be better. 

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How to keep cats warm?

Add some clothes

It is recommended that the owner make or buy special clothes for the cat. As long as it does not affect the cat's activities, the cat will not be so resistant. The clothes can keep the cat warm well. But you don't need to wear too many clothes for the cat, just wear one for it!

Add nutrition

Cats can't resist the cold mainly because their bodies are too weak. In this case, feed the cats a little fatter in winter. When raising a cat in winter, it is recommended that the owner provide it with some nutrition. If the cat’s nutrition is sufficient, the hair will naturally grow more and grow well, so that the cat can resist the cold. Foods rich in deep-sea fish oil and kelp powder can promote cat hair growth and keep it soft and shiny!

Prepare a warm nest

It is recommended that the owner prepare a comfortable cat bed for the cat in advance. If your cat likes to sleep in cardboard boxes. You can add thick clothes to the cardboard box so that the cat will not feel cold. If you have the conditions, you can also buy an electric blanket!

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