Why do cats lick you and sometimes bite you


As a cat owner, it's such a joy to pet your cats. The cat follows you, licks your hair, fingers, face, and even cuddles your hand with its own paws, which are a bonus to cat owners. But do you know why cats like to lick you? Is cat licking harmful to us? Should we allow cats to behave like this? Have you thought about this series of questions? If not, it could really be a problem.

What does it mean if your cat licks you?

They miss You

Cats are pets that are cold outside and warm inside. I believe that every cat owner knows this. But sometimes, cats will also express their thoughts about their owners in their own way. For example, when it licks you, it is actually saying: I miss you, come and play with me! If you can play with the cat for a while at this time, it will be very happy. In the future, when you are not around it, it will miss you especially.

They clean you

Most cat owners can see this scene, cats keep licking their own bodies with their tongues! An adult domestic feline can spend up to 8 percent of their waking hours grooming their body with their tongue. Of course, this is because the cat is cleaning its body, and it wants to keep it clean! When it licks you, it actually means that it wants to make you clean too. This also shows that you are a person who does not like cleanliness, and your body is a little dirty! It's so dirty that your cat can't stand it anymore, clean your body for you! But then again, the cat will personally help a person clean his body, which also shows that the cat likes this person very much.

They are nervous

When dogs are nervous, they lick their lips constantly. In this regard, cats are very similar to dogs. If cats are nervous, they will keep licking things, but they are not licking their own lips, but their owners. That is to say, when you take the cat out to play if it is always licking you, it means that it is very nervous and needs your comfort.

They need your help

Sometimes, when the cat wants to play with a toy, wants you to open the door for it, or wants you to play with it, it will ask the shovel officer for help. This way of asking for help may be meowing at you, or it may be licking you to get your attention. So your cat licks you maybe only because of their hungry.

Why do cats lick you then bite?

Why do cats lick you then bite when you pet them? It can be that your cat is showing affection or they can be asking for it. Cats are known to be very independent and do as they please, when they please - Cats call the shots. They are not antisocial, they just like to have attention when they want it. So if your cat licks then bites you, they might just be asking for a little bit of love or attention.

Is cat licking harmful?

Generally, it is safe to let your cat lick you. If you have very sensitive skin, it could conceivably irritate your skin.

Although under normal circumstances, cat licking will not cause harm to our health, it is not completely without danger. If you have a wound, even a small one, you should pay enough attention when the cat happens to lick it. The bacteria in the cat's saliva can invade the body from the breakage, thereby contracting diseases, the most typical of which is cat scratch fever. Especially children and pregnant women should pay special attention.

Will my cat's tongue hurt me?

People who are familiar with cats or who have carefully observed cats know that cats have tiny, backward-facing spines on their tongues, which make their tongues feel rough like sandpaper. When the cat licks us, will these spines hurt us? In fact, although these spines look scary, we don't have to worry about them. When cats lick us, we may feel some pain, but normal people's skin is very thick and will not be hurt by spines, so there is no need to worry about being licked by cats. Besides, cats won't lick your skin vigorously. But if you have sensitive skin, or you can't stand the feeling, that's another story.

Is cat saliva poisonous?

The saliva of cats is not poisonous, but because cats do not brush their teeth, there are a lot of bacteria in the mouth. While these germs won't do anything serious for me just through skin-to-skin contact, it's best to clean the area where the cat licks it.

Will get Toxoplasma through my cat's licking?

Eighty percent of domestic cats do not have Toxoplasma, and even if they do, there is no obvious harm to adults, but it is harmful to the fetus of pregnant women who are infected with Toxoplasma for the first time (Note: It is a pregnant woman who is infected for the first time. , if it is a person who has been infected before, there will be antibodies). Many people who do not keep cats and do not have contact with cats will also be infected with Toxoplasma, and eating undercooked meat may be a very big reason. Although cats carry toxoplasmosis, cat feces will only be infectious in 2 to 5 days, as long as the cat's feces are cleaned, there is no need to worry about it!

How to avoid cat licking?

While it is generally accepted that cat licking is a great opportunity to interact with cats and enjoy them, it is undeniable that some people do not like or cannot accept cat licking for some reason. Is there any way to prevent cats from licking?

In order for cats to stop this intimacy, owners need to spend time patiently training them. In the beginning, when the cat climbs on top of you for a lick, you should immediately put the cat on the ground. Never reprimand it or throw it aside, otherwise, it will gradually move away from you and think that you are not really its friend. If the cat continues to meow and asks for attention after being put on the ground, you can temporarily leave it without giving it any response, and come back in a few minutes. When you get back, you can bring your cat's favorite toys and treats and play with him so he doesn't think you're alienating him.

Of course, some cats are very persevering and will insist on doing what they think is right. At this time, the owner can make some noises that the cat does not like to disturb. In the process of correcting cats licking people, everything must be based on the premise of not harming the cat's body and spirit, because cats will only lick their most trusted friends. If they are not handled properly, they may end their relationship with you.

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