How to Choose A Suitable Cat Litter for Your Cat?


Cat litter is a necessity and fast-moving consumer good for cats. It can almost be said that cats cannot live without cat litter. We all want the give the best to our cat: the best litter box, the best bag, the best cat litter, and so on. But how can we do it? Taking cat litter as an example, what kind of cat litter is the best and most suitable for our cats? How should we choose a suitable cat litter?

tofu cat litter

What should we pay attention to when choosing cat litter?

1. Water absorption

The most fundamental reason for using cat litter is to allow cats to have a fixed place to defecate and collect these excrements together. Cats like to bury their poo with sand after pooping, so cat litter is very suitable for it. The primary factor in choosing cat litter is to see if its water absorption is good or not and whether it can completely absorb cat urine. Cat litter with poor water absorption cannot achieve the effect of covering up the odor of cats.

2. Safty

Cats are playful and curious pets. Even though they know that the cat litter box is used for excretion, they are still very interested in cat litter. They lick a few bites from time to time and even eat them. Therefore, when choosing cat litter, you should first understand what the raw materials of the product are. Will cats be poisonous if ingested by mistake? At present, the more reliable ones are wood-type cat litter and tofu cat litter, which will not have any adverse effects on cats even if they are eaten. And crystal cat litter is dangerous for cats to eat.

3. Dust

Not only do cats enter the cat litter box when they excrete, but some cats also like to stay in the cat litter box when they sleep and play. Maybe there is its unique smell, and cats regard it as their exclusive territory. If your cat stays in the cat litter box all the time, the cat's body will also be contaminated with cat litter. If the cat litter has big dust, the cat will run around and spread the dust all over the house. This is a headache.

4. Environmental protection

With the increasing number of pet cats, the usage amount of cat litter is not a small number. Therefore, if you do not pay attention to the environmental protection of cat litter, it will inevitably cause a lot of pressure on environmental protection. Natural, biodegradable and environmental-friendly cat litter is the trend in the cat litter market, such as tofu cat litter, paper cat litter, etc.

How to choose a suitable cat litter?

From the cat's point

How to choose cat litter from the cat's point of view? While every cat's preferences are different, for most cats, their preferences are universal. The following two advantages of cat litter are preferred by more cats:

cat litter small particles

1. Cat litter with smaller particles

Cats prefer the fine-grained cat litter to those large-grained. Of course, the cat's love is not without reason. The ancestors of cats lived in the desert, and they naturally buried their excrement. Why bring up the topic of cat ancestors and deserts? Could it be that we want you to buy a bunch of grit for the cat to take home? No! I mean, do you want cats to walk on fine sand, or do you want them to walk on larger gravel? Cats will prefer finer-grained litter because it is a great experience to use.

2. Cat litter without fragrances

Now many cat litter will add some fragrance substances, these fragrances can cover up the odor of cat baba. Sadly, though, cats may not like cat litter with fragrances. Most cats still prefer unscented cat litter. You also know that the cat's nose is much more sensitive than the human's, and the fragrance you can smell is magnified many, many times in the cat's nasal cavity. Have you ever experienced the blow of a strong perfume smell? If you have experienced it, you will definitely feel the helplessness of cats in the face of this fragrance. So, for the scent of cat litter, I suggest you choose unscented litter for your cat.

From the cat owner's point

Although cat litter is for cats, handling cat litter is your business, so of course, the convenience of handling it is also very important. While considering your cat's preferences, you should also consider your own convenience in handling cat litter.

cat litter clumping

1. Cat litter with fast and strong clumping

Cat litter with fast and strong clumping can greatly increase the speed at which you shovel cat litter. Because the large blocks of cat litter are easy to shovel. If you encounter cat litter with poor clumping, you will have a lot of trouble when shoveling the cat litter. Many small particles of cat litter that has been contaminated will slip through the gaps of the cat litter shovel, which is too unacceptable!

2. Cat litter that can flush into the toilet

The cat's excrement is a very smelly thing, and the shoveled cat litter blocks left in the room for a long time will inevitably emit a foul smell. It is obviously unrealistic to go out and throw away the cat litter blocks every time when you shovel them out. In this way, the flushable ability of the cat litter is particularly important. Directly flush into the toilet, not only easy to clean, but also effectively prevent odor emission.

Cat litter is a necessity for domestic cats, and you have to face this topic if you are a cat owner. It is a more effective way to choose cat litter based on the experience of using cats and the experience of handling cat litter by the cat owner!

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