Bentonite Cat Litter

Bentonite cat litter has the advantage of clumping in the presence of moisture, so urine can be removed more effectively. It features high absorption, natural odor control, instant & strong clumping, safe & hygienic and low dust & no waste materials. Those are the bentonite cat litter benefits. If you want to know bentonite cat litter price, Cloud Pet maybe the best place for purchasing cat litter at wholesale price. We can supply various of premium quality bentonite clay cat litter. And we can offer 100 lbs cat litter even 50 lbs at a time if necessary. Lots of them are highly recommended by customers from USA, Australia and China market.

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bentonite cat litter

Uses Of Bentonite Cat Litter

1. Odor Control: Bentonite cat litter has super high odor control capability.
2. Good Clumping: Many cat owners prefer clumping litters, which combine with cat urine to form hard lumps that can be scooped out. Clumping litters generally control odor better than non-clumping ones, and the stronger their clumping power, the less odor there is.
3. Dust Free: One of the advantages of agglomerated cat litter is that it reduces dust. It will quickly agglomerate when encountering water, which reduces the probability that the cat will take out the litter.
4. Affordable Cost: It's cheap. Clay litters cost the least.


Q: Can you use bentonite for cat litter?

Bentonite clay is “clumping” cat litter. The fact that this type of clay can swell up to 15 times its original volume when a cat urinates or defecates into it makes it an excellent cat litter substrate, as waste clumps can be scooped out and filled in without changing the entire litter box.

Q: What is bentonite in cat litter?

Sodium bentonite is often added as a clumping agent to traditional cat litters to create “scoopable” clay litters like Tidy Cats. Sodium bentonite acts like an expandable cement, which is why these litters should not be flushed – they swell to 15 to 18 times their dry size.

Q: Is bentonite clay good for cats?

Calcium Bentonite Clay's natural healing benefits mean it can be used both internally or applied topically to help aid the body in eliminating toxins. It's full of trace vitamins and minerals and acts as a great antibacterial and anti-inflammatory that can be used to help your cat and dog.

Q: How to dispose bentonite cat litter

The clumps of clay and silica litter can swell dramatically, causing troublesome blockages in your plumbing system. So, the best way to dispose of clay and silica litters is to bag them and throw them into the trash can. Never flush.

Bentonite Cat Litter Manufacturers

Cloud Pet is a reliable bentonite cat litter manufacturer located in Zhuozhou City in China, 150 kilometers away from Tianjin Port. Available products include bulk clumping cat litter to wholesale cat litter box and wholesale cat litter mat and more. Well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control guarantee the product quality. Nice quality and competitive price have won us recognition from customers.

Bentonite Cat Litter Manufacturers

Wholesale Price

We carry quality clumping cat litter at low prices. 10 years of experience in cat litter production makes us form a complete and efficient production system. With the continuous update of product formulas and production lines, production costs have been well controlled, which gives us the price advantage.
At the same time, we can help you find alternative products with better quality or lower prices based on your psychological expectations. Let you get what really you want.

Various Pet Products

We also carry pet accessories products from the most trusted manufacturers in cat care, including cat litter box, cat litter mat, cat bag and more. These will meet all the needs of your cat and your home.
We do everything we can to work with our manufacturers to ensure that you get the quality you expect, the service you deserve and the best prices in the industry.

Customized Packaging

If you are planning to open a pet store, we can design all of the packaging for cat litter to ensure that categories of merchandise have cohesive matching packaging, and that they are appealing to the eye.
We can pack the product as our customer requires, and logistics can be coordinated for delivering the product directly to our customers' distribution center, drop-ship orders or export.