If you have been searching the internet for a bulk cat litter supplier, I would assume, Cloud Pet must be the best place that sell it wholesale and cheaper than other place. At Cloud Pet, we have kinds of clumping cat litters, like bentonite clay cat litter, tofu cat litter, crystals cat litter and more. You can, however, get quality cat litter for less. And we can offer 100 lbs cat litter even 50 lbs at a time if necessary.


Q: What is the cheapest way to buy cat litter?

The cheapest way to buy cat litter for the money is finding a bulk cat litter supplier, Cloud Pet is a reliable supplier that can offer cheap cat litter for you.

Q: What can I use instead of cat litter?

There are many cat litter alternatives out there, like Shred Newspaper and Junk Mail, Wood Shavings or Sawdust, Sand, More.

Q: How do you store cat litter in bulk?

For convenience, it's easiest to store cat litter near the litter box. You don't want to haul a storage tub or 20-pound box of cat litter from one room to another every time you need to change the litter box. Be sure it's tightly covered and in a dry location to keep it fresh.

Wholesale Cat Litter Supplier

Cloud Pet is a reliable cat litter manufacturer located in Zhuozhou City in China, 150 kilometers away from Tianjin Port. Available products include bulk clumping cat litter to wholesale cat litter box and wholesale cat litter mat and more. Well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control guarantee the product quality. Nice quality and competitive price have won us recognition from customers.

Wholesale Cat Litter Supplier

Wholesale Price

We carry quality clumping cat litter at low prices. 10 years of experience in cat litter production makes us form a complete and efficient production system. With the continuous update of product formulas and production lines, production costs have been well controlled, which gives us the price advantage.
At the same time, we can help you find alternative products with better quality or lower prices based on your psychological expectations. Let you get what really you want.

Various Pet Products

We also carry pet accessories products from the most trusted manufacturers in cat care, including cat litter box, cat litter mat, cat bag and more. These will meet all the needs of your cat and your home.
We do everything we can to work with our manufacturers to ensure that you get the quality you expect, the service you deserve and the best prices in the industry.

Customized Packaging

If you are planning to open a pet store, we can design all of the packaging for cat litter to ensure that categories of merchandise have cohesive matching packaging, and that they are appealing to the eye.
We can pack the product as our customer requires, and logistics can be coordinated for delivering the product directly to our customers' distribution center, drop-ship orders or export.